Soshi Yuriko

Soshi Yuriko

“If it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending soul."

- William Shakespeare


Yuriko is a pretty little thing, whose curves can be spotted from a mile away. Her hair is shiny and long (and never cut for that matter, boys), her skin delicate, her fingers long and thin. The main mask that she wears consists of a tiara in the shape of the rising sun with delicate crystals that sprinkle down and around the upper half of her face 1. These crystals reflect and catch the light stunningly. She doesn’t often carry her katana, but her wakizashi is, as is common, kept at her side.

Visible Information

  • Age: 16
  • Dangerous Beauty (Advantange)

Known Information

  • Has been a hostage of the Lion since she was four years old — so spent more time around them than she did her own clan. She has a great affection for many of the Ikoma. They don’t necessarily feel the same for her.
  • Is twin sister to Soshi Hotaru.
  • Loves telling stories and getting involved in every conversation she overhears.
  • Works to see the best of all situations, and seems forever bright.


The following may or may not be true.

  • She once thrust herself into the middle of a conversation between a governor and a higher statused courtier as if they should value her opinion. How crass!
  • The katana she’s been seen wearing a time or two? She’s trained enough with the lion that she’s capable of actually using it.

1 Chosen for many reasons which she’s MORE than happy to talk about.

Soshi Yuriko

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