The Rise of an Empire


Year 373, mid-Spring – Hantei Fujiwa is both the most revered and most hated Emperor yet, depending on who you ask. He started his career by codifying the laws of land ownership so that all land belonged to the Emperor and was allowed to be governed by the clans that lived on them. As such, he has mandated many improvements to the Empire as a whole – a common set of roadways, the Emperor’s Roads, is currently being constructed to unify the clans.

Temples and monasteries are being constructed as waypoints, driving the Empire’s industry and resulting in quite a bit of prosperity for the clans involved.

While met with open agreement, many clan daimyo bristled at the idea that their land was no longer their own. In more recent years, he has declared himself leader of the Imperial Legions and led them off to help stop the largest Shadowlands uprising since the fall of Fu Leng.

The Crab staunchly support him, but dissent is growing in nearly every other clan.

The Scorpion are, for the moment, playing neutral. Their daimyo, Bayushi Atsuki, has publicly praised the great works of Hantei V while also noting that the seizing of lands is well within the Hantei’s rights. The Empire is, after all, ruled by one person by Celestial decree.

The clans exist at a constant state of war, the alliances, aggressors, defenders, and reasons shifting with each season. Currently the Lion are at war with the Dragon (and by proxy the Scorpion) over an expansion of Dragon farmlands into the lower foothills, which the Lion see as Ikoma territory.

The fighting hasn’t really started in earnest yet, but it’s only a matter of time…

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