L5R: How to Swim

Session 1a: The Out-of-Clanners


In our first session (part A, as part B is today with our two scorpion who are actually scorpion), we start with our group in Ishibura Toshi. Everyone’s there! And by everyone, I mean our PCs—Ikoma Paiko the Ikoma Daimyo has arrived for his side of the peace talks and Soshi Yuriko is there as his scribe, the dragon contingent is present with the diplomat Mirumoto Rieshi (the Mirumoto Daimyo’s niece by marriage) and her yojimbo Bayushi Oda, and the Centipede are present to serve as a neutral party and oversee the talks (including a certain fellow named Soshi Hotaru).

Yuriko and Reishi got on super well and will be best friends forever in the future. 1 Yuriko and Hotaru reunited for the first time since the two of them were four. They were both outspoken and said more words between them than everyone else combined.

Things went well, by which we of course mean that the Dragon quickly saw how the Lion just so happened to send the twin sister of one of the neutral parties making them a little less neutral and so they got angry. The Lion were of course happy with this.

And then the governor of the province they were all in ended up dead—with his throat slit. And things got more heated. And then Paiko and Reishi decided they were going to duel, and Reishi named her stand in as Bayushi Oda.

1 HAHAHAHahahahahahahaha. Ha. Haaaaa.



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